Hydroponic Fertilizer Home Grow Pack

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Our Hydroponic Fertilizer Home Grow Pack includes (5) quarts of our premium liquid fertilizers manufactured in the USA. Perfect for starting out in your new indoor tent or home grow.

INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MAXIMIZE YOUR PLANT'S GROWTH. From the veg cycle to bloom, Suite Leaf's hydroponic fertilizer line has been helping grower's reach their highest potential since 2016. Made in the USA.

FORMULATED TO PROVIDE STRONG, HEALTHY, LEAVES AND STEMS DURING VEGETATION AND FULLER, MORE FLAVORFUL, BUDS DURING FLOWERING. Chelated for immediate nutrient uptake. Feed your indoor plants Suite Leaf and watch the difference in your garden or cultivation!

DESIGNED FOR BOTH HYDROPONIC OR SOIL GROW MEDIA. Suite Leaf's hydroponic fertilizers are formulated for all watering systems from drip lines to hand pouring. Watch your plants bloom with excitement.

CONCENTRATED TO LAST LONGER. A little goes a long way so follow the feed chart on the back of each bottle.

Designed for use in both indoor and outdoor gardens including soil, soilless and hydroponic systems. Click HERE to view the Suite Leaf hydroponic feed chart. 

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