How to Germinate Seeds and Plant Seedlings in Your Garden

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How to Germinate Seeds and Plant Seedlings in Your Garden

Starting from seed is the best way to grow. Why? For a few reasons:

  1. Plants grown from seeds, as opposed to clones, tend to produce heartier plants with bigger yields
  2. Plants grown from seeds are less prone to hermaphroditism 
  3. Growing from seed is the only way to find your mother plant as opposed to a  feminized seed
  4. Growing from seeds is healthier for the plant overall; they are more resistant to pests and less prone to diseases than feminized seeds

It’s impossible to find out if your plant is male or female without growing them out so it will take you approximately 2+ weeks in the vegetative state before your plants begin to show male or female parts. 

Keep in mind, growing from seeds takes a little longer since you’re planting 2x the amount of seeds you normally would in order to find feminized plants. Overall, it’s worth the time and effort. 


The best way to germinate your seeds is to first carefully handle your seeds with care. I recommend using disposable latex or non-latex gloves to handle your seeds during this process. The last thing you want is to invite some fungus in your garden at this stage which will ultimately infect your entire grow cycle.  

Seedlings by Mosca Seeds via Suite Leaf Plant NutrientsNext, you’ll need a small tupperware container with a cover, paper towels, and water. Gently run a paper towel under room temperature water then carefully place your seeds on one side of the moistened paper towel and fold it to cover the seeds then place it into the tupperware. Close the tupperware container and place the container in a cool, dark, place like your closet.


At this point all you want to happen is for the taproot to bust out of the seed. Once you see this happen (usually in 2-4 days) gently plant the seed, taproot facing downward, into your moistened grow medium in a container/pot. Poke a small hole in your medium (approx ½ inch into the soil) and drop the seed in and cover with more medium. Make sure that the soil is moistened during this time so the seed doesn’t dry out and no light yet until you see a small, green, shoot busting out of the soil. 

For more rigorous growth, begin lightly feeding Suite Leaf Plant Nutrients to your plants. Our products are formulated to help build strong, healthy   leaves and stems which is vital during this growth cycle. Once you see the   green shoot it’s time to place your container under a MH, HPS or LED light   set on a vegetative light cycle; 18 hours on and 6 hours off. If your plants are   stretching too high too quickly then you need to increase the heat or lower your light closer to the seedlings. Make sure to keep the same light cycle on your plants the entire time in veg until you flip to flower. Finally, always maintain a clean garden by making sure you wear gloves, booties on your shoes and surfaces are kept tidy. 

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