Heavy Duty Greenhouse Hoop House (32' x 10' x 6.5')

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**NEW ITEM!** Commonly called hoop houses, high tunnels or cold frames, non-engineered greenhouses are hands down the best bang for your buck when you're looking to install an enclosed growing space. These greenhouses feature sturdy steel frames. If you can turn a wrench, you can build one of these sturdy greenhouse structure. Whether you're a market gardener looking for valuable season extension at rock bottom pricing, or you are contemplating a range of low cost buildings, these structures are highly versatile and adaptable to an array of growing conditions and a cornucopia of crops.

Heavy Duty Greenhouse Hoop House 32' x 10' x 6.5'
32' x 10 x 6.5' (4 Total Boxes)
Net Weight: 68.3lbs
Gross Weight: 75.0lbs
Features - Heavy Duty 1.25" Metal Frame Poles
6MIL Greenhouse Woven Film
Greenhouse Clips
Greenhouse Door
Air Cooling Windows

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