The "G Box" Split Room Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit (3' X 2')

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Grow like a G with the "G Box" Complete Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit. Ideal for limited spaces, this kit features 2 GROWING ROOMS to offer continuous growing! One room for your flowering plants and the other for propagation and vegetation plants.

Comes complete with (1) 3' x 2' x 4', light-proof, grow tent, complete set of Suite Leaf Plant Nutrients liquid plant fertilizer, (1) fan, (1) 4" duct fan, (1) 4" carbon air filter, (1) ducting, (1) MINT LED 400 230w grow light or similar value LED light, (1) LED wand for veg, (1) weather station and (2) ratchet rope hangers.

Ready to use, you can install your "G Box" grow tent kit easily with all the included accessories. Optimized vents and lightproof, it also offers a propagation area for growing, cuttings and hosting mother plants.

Start growing your own plants today! ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS: 3' x 2' x 4' 4''

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